This Year’s Abu Dhabi Yacht Show Promises Glamour and Style

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2011 (3)

Yachting aficionados will have the opportunity to admire and buy luxury boats in a luxe environment at this year’s Abu Dhabi Yacht Show (ADYS), one of the most exclusive Super Yachting events in the world. the last two editions were incredibly successful, recording sales of over $100 million and establishing ADYS as the most important yachting event in the Middle East.

You can be sure that only the best, largest and most luxurious vessels will be presented at ADYS between March 24-26. Industry heavyweights, professional consultants, naval architects, yacht construction project managers, engineers, crew, captains, it will be a pleasure to meat with all sorts of people here and get informed about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. And all this in a glamorous ambiance of luxury and class.

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