This Purple Lamborghini Aventador Will Blow You Away!

Purple Lamborghini Aventador 1

The Lamborghini Aventador is breathtaking in its standard form, but there are quite a few Aventadors out there that have been modified in order to look even more outstanding. A great example is this purple masterpiece by a Japanese tuning company named EXE. Its experts outfitted the Lambo with a wide kit by Liberty Walk, which is complemented by an awesome set of purple wheels by Forgiato.

Purple Lamborghini Aventador 1 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 2 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 3

Everything about this car is flash, but since we’re already talking about a model that was designed to stand out in a crowd, the purple paintjob makes sense somehow. Moreover, it reminds us of the famed Lamborghini Diablo, which was available in a similar shade of glossy purple.

Purple Lamborghini Aventador 4 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 5 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 6 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 7 Purple Lamborghini Aventador 8

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