This Old Photo Shows Vincent Van Gogh Having A Good Time

Countless people from all over the world appreciate Vincent Van Gogh’s works of art, and many of then spend fortunes in order to be able to show off his paintings in their living rooms. However, actual photographs of the renowned artist are quite rare, which means that finding one is actually quite a big deal. Experts now think that they have identified one such photo that shows Van Gogh sharing a drink and a smoke with some friends.

Vincent Van Gogh Old Photo (2)

The item actually shows six men sitting around a table, and Van Gogh is believed to be the third from the left. The photograph was purchased by two 19th century art enthusiasts, and it dates back to 1887. After identifying Félix Jobbé-Duval, Paul Gauguin, André Antoine and Emile Bernard, the two individuals passed the photo to expert Serge Plantureux, who works at a French digital magazine named L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography). Serge and a few other experts concluded that the bearded man smoking a pipe is indeed Van Gogh, but it looks like the Amsterdam museum dedicated to the artist is not convinced of this fact.

The photograph was put up for auction in Belgium and is expected to bring in somewhere between $136,000 to $170,000.

Vincent Van Gogh Old Photo (1)

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