This Huge Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC Costs $20,000

Plenty of wonderful things have been revealed during this year’s Computex event, including a monstrous and ridiculously expensive PC created by Overclockers UK and acrylic fabricating firm Parvum Systems. Dubbed OrionX, the system is worth $20,000, and it actually comprises two separate PCs. One is a beastly rig that includes three Nvidia GTX 980 Ti graphics cards and a 10-core Intel Core i7-6950X, all of which are installed on an Asus Rampage 5 X99 motherboard.

This Huge Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC Costs $20,000 (3)

The other PC has a mini-ITX format, and it was placed into the lower half of the case. This one has an Asus Maximus VIII Impact motherboard that houses and Intel Core i7-6700K overclocked at 4.8GHz. The main system can be used for rendering or other heavy tasks, while the secondary one can be used to surf the web, watch videos or do some light editing. As far as memory goes, the first PC has 64GB of RAM, while the smaller system relies on 16GB. Since we’re talking about a power-hungry, high-end product, liquid cooling was definitely the best solution, not just because it is incredibly efficient but also because it is very eye-catching and quiet at the same time.

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