This Guy Spent $9 Million On A Mere License Plate In Dubai

Of course people are free to spend their money on whatever they see fit, but it’s kind of hard not to raise a brow when you hear about someone spending millions of dollars on something as trivial as a license plate. That’s exactly what a Dubai-based Indian property developer named Balwinder Sahni did when the spent $9 million on a highly coveted number “5” license plate.

This Guy Spent $9 Million On A Mere License Plate In Dubai

Those of you who’ve heard about Sahni before are probably well aware that this is not his first rodeo, as the developer also spent $6.7 million on the number “9” plate just a year before. Both of these plates were fitted on his two Rolls-Royce cars, and when he was asked about his spending habits, the buyer described his actions as a public service for a country that has no income tax. Although he’s not technically wrong, giving those millions to a proper charity would have helped many more people in need, but that’s just our two cents.

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