This Gold Plated Sony Walkman Is Fabulous

Yes, it’s true that extravagant adornments don’t cause gadgets to deliver improved functionality or better music listening experiences, but they’re definitely nice to look at, wouldn’t you agree? The gold plated Sony Walkman that we’re about to present was unveiled for the first time at this year’s IFA event in Berlin, and it was dubbed NWM1Z Sony Walkman.

In order to make sure that there would be no audio interference, Sony’s experts modified the gadget’s software, but the changes in the body of the device are definitely more important. These include more bulging buttons as well as a new spot for the headphone jack, which was placed at the top of the gadget. The gold plating on the outer casing is absolutely superb, as it minimizes contact resistance and oxidation apart from looking good.

The new Walkman is also available in a standard, non-gold version, which supports the 384 kHz/32-bit “Hi-Res” music format. The main difference between the lavish variant and the standard one is mostly aesthetic, but a true audiophile will probably find the gold-plated one superior in every way.