This Futuristic Levitating Coffee Table Is Named Teles Taxidi

If you’re looking for a special furnishing piece that would allow your living room to stand out among all others, this levitating coffee table might do the trick. Dubbed Teles Taxidi (Perfect Journey), this table levitates nearly two inches above its base, and it was designed by Siren Design Studios.

Futuristic Levitating Coffee Table Teles Taxidi 1

The unique levitation trick was made possible with the help of two rare earth magnets, which allow the upper part of the table to float because they are balanced perfectly over one another. In order to make sure that they won’t snap out of place, the magnets are held together by a 1,000lbs test Kevlar cord. Considering the rare, sturdy materials that went into its construction, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Teles Taxidi costs $30,000.

Futuristic Levitating Coffee Table Teles Taxidi 2 Futuristic Levitating Coffee Table Teles Taxidi

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