This Electric Skateboard Is Named Raptor 2

Electric skateboards are definitely becoming more viable as the years go by, and the brand new Raptor 2 represents the current pinnacle of performance and safety. Powered by a very large battery, this electric skateboard flaunts a range of 25 miles at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, which is quite incredible if you think about it.

Named Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard 1

The speed was achieved with the help of two Sensored 9080 R-Spec Ghost direct drive hub motors, which are installed in the rear wheels. These motors propel the maple composite board and its rider without any issues, even up hills with gradients as steep as %17. Priced at $1,700, Raptor 2 has a good chance to take over the electric skateboard market, at least until something even more impressive pops up.

Named Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard 2

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