This Autonomous Race Car Was Created By KINETIC

This Autonomous Race Car Was Created By KINETIC 3

Roborace is a planned motorsport championship that will include autonomously driving, electrical powered vehicles. For this incredible event, a VC fund named KINETIC has created an exceptional vehicle that looks as good as it performs. That’s because vehicles that will compete in Roborace will boast top speeds of more than 186 mph, which is mind-blowing considering the fact that they are fully electric.

This Autonomous Race Car Was Created By KINETIC 1

The car’s design was envisioned by Daniel Simon, who decided to go with a low profile based on the floor as the main aerodynamic device. Apart from the fact that it is powered by electricity, the vehicle is also fully autonomous, which means that it doesn’t require a conventional driver. We can’t wait to see what it is capable of on the track.

This Autonomous Race Car Was Created By KINETIC 2 This Autonomous Race Car Was Created By KINETIC 3

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