The Zero-Emissions Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

The Zero-Emissions Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

We guess that by now you’re already aware of just how amazing all-electric vehicles can be. But for those of you who still need some arguments, here is the much awaited SLS AMG E-Cell from Mercedes-Benz. It has just been revealed at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and it is simply stunning, both in looks and in muscle.

The brightly colored prototype is powered by four electric motors that can deliver up to 526 horsepower and 649 lb-ft of torque. It needs no more than four seconds to rush from 0 to 62 mph, and it can do all this in almost complete silence.

There are four driving modes to choose from, each one offering a great driving experience. The mildest one only uses 40% of the engines’ capacity and is called Comfort. The Sport mode pushes the motors to deliver 60% of their maximum power, while the Sport+ drive unleashes the whole capacity of the engines. Then there is the Manual drive which is as thrilling as the Sport+ version, only without the regenerative braking.

The regenerative breaking can also be used in four different ways, aside from shutting it off completely. No gearbox was necessary for this EV, so when you need to switch from driving mode to parking or reverse, you will only have to push one of the three buttons on the center console. Everything about this vehicle is easy to monitor with the help of a 9-inch LCD touch-screen on the instrument cluster.

Need any more arguments? We didn’t think so.