The X-Jets Jetblade Is One Of The World’s Best Water Toys

Surfing, riding a jet ski or trying out parasailing for the first time can all lead to thrilling and memorable experiences, but if you want to try out a more modern alternative when it comes to fun on water, then the X-Jets Jetblade is probably your best bet. This outstanding water toy allows you to stand up and balance yourself on a board in mid-air directly above a body of water, which can be anything from a lake to an ocean.

X-Jets Jetblade (2)

This product works in a similar way to a jetpack, but the main difference is that the user is propelled by powerful jets of water into the air. A set of boots are firmly attached to the device, which can rise up as high as three stories above the water’s surface and remain there for up to 30 minutes at a time. The X-Jets Jetblade costs just $2,795, and it is surely worth every penny.

X-Jets Jetblade (1)

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