The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Takes Its First Steps

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Takes Its First Steps

Would you like to cross the seas on the largest cruise ship in the world? Of course you would! That is unless your fear of water is greater than your sense of adventure.

So for those of you who do want to enjoy the unique feeling of cruising on the immense The Allure of the Seas, we’ve got good news! The first four-days commercial cruise is planned for December 1, and there still are available places on the vessel, for a starting price of $599. The destination? Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, a private beach in Haiti.

What you see in the picture is The Allure of the Seas getting ready to squeeze under the Store Belt Bridge. That was quite a challenge for her! She is actually on her way home, as she was ‘born’ in Turku, Finland and she is now heading to Port Everglades in Florida. She is expected to arrive there on November 11.

So how will it be like for you on that four days cruise? Simply put: amazing! The 16-deck vessel can accommodate 6,300 passengers in the best conditions one could ask for. There are four pool areas on the top deck, two surfing simulators, a zip line, a basketball court, and two rock climbing walls. Then there is the park area with real trees, the bars, the restaurants, the spa and even a full-sized carousel.

The list is longer, we can assure you of that. So all you have to do is buy the not so expensive ticket and go see everything for yourself.

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Takes Its First Steps