The Wimberley House Project by Cunningham Architects

Located in Wimberley, Hays County, Texas, USA, this 5,000 square foot modern house was completed in 2010 by Cunningham Architects.

This modern and unique house, built on the edge of a bluff, is surrounded by beautiful wildlife. The ‘L’ shape design separates the house into two boxes: one of stained cement fiber board, which is in fact the bedroom wing, and one of glass, a more public space, where the kitchen, living room and dining room are situated.

When the weather is nice, the family and friends gatherings take place on the roof deck, which offers beautiful views of the surroundings. The purpose of this deck is also to harvest rain water for the on-site collection system.

As you probably expected, Wimberley House is a sustainable building, using energy efficient techniques, local resources and building materials.  This residence provides a peaceful respite for its inhabitants in a magnificent location.

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