The Versatile Hanebrink Electric Bike

Would you be interested in riding a bike that’s been designed and created by a bicycle innovator who’s also a NASA aerospace engineer and a champion cyclist? Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Well, with the Hanebrink Electric Bike you can do exactly that.

Its creator’s name is Dan Hanebrink, and he made this two-wheeled vehicle to be a bicycle, a motorcycle and something like a Mars rover, all at the same time. After a 3 hours charge of the lithium-ion battery of the Hanebrink, you will be able to enjoy some 100 miles on any kind of surface: concrete, sand, snow, or dirt. The electric motor can push you to speeds of up to 20 mph, but when you add some pedaling too, you can even reach 40 mph.

For a starting price of $5,500, you will also get a design that is bound to turn heads. A sturdy fork, chunky tires and a high seat, they all complete each other and create a unique visual effect. To this, Hanebrink added a smooth black paint job as a final touch. The result is stunning, no doubt about that.


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