The Unique $1 Million Perfume Bottle

Did it ever cross your mind that a perfume bottle could cost as much as a car or an apartment? Well, behold the first million-dollar perfume bottle, presented by the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model, Chanel Iman. She brought the precious bottle at DKNY’s flagship store, in a fire and bullet-proof briefcase, plus several bodyguards!

The beautiful apple-shaped bottle was created by the well known jeweler Martin Katz, who offered a unique design from polished 14-carat white and yellow gold. It is encrusted with 2,909 rare jewels, among which 2,700 white diamonds that weigh 15,17 carats and 183 yellow sapphires. The jewels depict the Manhattan skyline. The cap features the DKNY logo made out of diamonds and a 2.43-carat yellow canary diamond. Believe it or not, 1,500 hours were spent to create this magnificent bottle. The rich fragrance is given by notes of white rose, musk, golden apples, orange flower water, sandalwood and vanilla orchid.

The bottle will make the world tour until it will be sold next year at an auction held on the DKNY Core Club Facebook page. All the benefits will go to the Action Against Hunger Organization.

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