The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson Is Wonderful

The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (7)

Hair dryers are incredibly useful, and almost every woman owns at least one of these devices. However, even though there are several products on the market presently that promise to dry your hair without damaging it, the reality is that most of them are quite harmful and noisy. Fortunately, Dyson has come up with an ingenious new product that aims to revolutionize the way you dry your hair. The Supersonic Hair Dryer is compact, silent and perfectly safe, as it was tested using 1,000 miles of human hair before it was released commercially.

The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (7) The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (1)

The experts involved in these testing sessions used hair sourced from different nationalities in order to make sure that the dryer would work well with every single possible combination. What makes this product stand out apart from it stylish looks is the fact that its motor is actually inserted into the handle, which means that the dryer feels balanced in the hand. Furthermore, air temperature is being monitored 20 times per second and regulated by a microprocessor in order to prevent heat damage.

The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (2) The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (3) The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (4) The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (5) The Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson (6)

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