The Stylish Padova iPad 2 Case from Orbino

For protection and a plus of style, Orbino has launched their new Padova iPad 2 Case. It’s made of premium leather and features hand stitching, a brushed metal home button, a removable metal typing stand, a hand lacquered  four-coat feathered edging, and a protective rigid leather flap.

Thanks to the incorporated Smart Cover technology, the screen automatically turns on and off when opening and closing the cover. The standard leather version is available at $210 (brown, black, deep red or pecan), but there also are some more exotic and more expensive versions to choose from: the ostrich skin case costs $570, the crocodile skin case is  $690, and there will be another version, the snakeskin case, but we don’t know its price yet. You can order your own Padova iPad 2 Case on the company’s website.

The Stylish Padova iPad 2 Case from Orbino (1) The Stylish Padova iPad 2 Case from Orbino (2)

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