The Stunning Taichung Convention Center

The Taichung Convention Center is a recently designed complex of pleated volcano-like structures by MAD Architects. This was actually a commission of the Taiwanese government, who wanted a new landmark in the area, one that would also promote sustainable architecture.

The pleats of the “volcanoes” serve two purposes: they ensure maximum natural ventilation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning inside, and they also generate energy from the sun. Using double photovoltaic glass, each pleat allows for natural light to flood the interior of the structure, while also capturing solar energy.

Complementing the organic design of the buildings, there are beautiful courtyards and carefully landscaped surroundings. The volcanoes range in height from 39 to 85 meters (128 to 278 feet) and together they cover an area of 216,000 square meters (over 2.3 million square feet). This convention center will be used for various activities, like commerce, entertainment, offices + parking and of course, conventions..

The Stunning Taichung Convention Center (6)


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