The Stunning MB&F HM2 SV Watch

The Stunning MB&F HM2 SV Watch 3

A new stunning and highly innovative timepiece is here to amaze us: the MB&F HM2 SV Watch. It is a limited edition and only 18 exclusive watch lovers will have the honor of wearing this highly innovative watch. Only 3 or 4 pieces will be made every month, until the 18th timepiece will be completed for its lush owner.

Maximilian Büsser & Friends have created this luxury watch to impress with its unusual design: it features a clear sapphire case (hence the SV part of its name, which stands for Sapphire Vision) which unveils the 349 pieces of the highly advanced movement. This is also the main focus of the timepiece and probably the very reason for which people will do their best to put their hands on one of these watches.

The MB&F HM2 SV Watch is MB&F’s Horological Machine No. 2, and it can be ordered in the black version which features a few green inserts, or in the red gold version, which is slightly more elegant.