The Spectacular P6 Trike from Scorpion Motorsports

Lately three-wheelers have received some very appealing looks. See for instance this awesome P6 trike from Scorpion Motorsports. Not only does it look great – like taken from a Formula 1 track – but this baby also boasts some pretty impressive performance figures: it needs only 3.5 seconds to complete the 0 to 60 mph sprint. The P6 is powered by a 600cc engine capable of putting out 126 horsepower.

The body of this spectacular trike is made of a GRP composite material, but customers can also opt for a full carbon fiber body and wing. Inside, the P6 flaunts suede and leather upholstery, Tilton pedals, a sequential shifter with optional electric paddle shifter, and an AiM Mychron 3 dash/data logger. Further options include a turbo kit, a full titanium exhaust system, and a power commander. The Scorpion P6 is available at $29,900.

The Spectacular P6 Trike from Scorpion Motorsports (18) 

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