The Second Most Valuable Stamp In The UK Costs $700k

Like most things that are old and rare, stamps can be incredibly valuable, as proven by this Plate 77 Penny Red stamp that was purchased by a private collector for about $700,000. The stamp is one of just five left in the world, and its sale was facilitated by a team of London-based dealers from Stanley Gibbons. Another one of these precious stamps is being held in the British Museum.

The Second Most Valuable Stamp In The UK 1

Because of their poor quality, Plate 77 Penny Red stamps were never sold by post offices, which is why they are incredibly valuable. They date back to 1863 and are very sought after by collectors, but the one that we’re talking about now is actually the second most-expensive stamp in the UK. The first one is also a Plate 77 Penny Red, which was sold for $786,455 in 2012.

The Second Most Valuable Stamp In The UK 2

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