The SA Residence: Reality and Dream Brought Together

Have you ever looked at a house and the only words that came to your mind were “Oh my God”? If not, here is your chance. The 2010 SA Residence, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, will definitely blow your mind.

Shatotto Architects really got in front of themselves when creating this Heaven on Earth residence. Poetry, fairytales, adventure novels all mingle to create a dream-like place.

As weird as it sounds, Shatotto Architects compare this house to the human body, saying that architecture has also two interdependent, yet independent parts: the shell and the soul, which in this case is Mother Nature. Here, the shell is the concrete square and the soul is the lush vegetation and water inside it.

Although it seems luxurious, intricate and even outrageously designed, this house is in fact very simple and adapted to the socio-economic condition of Dhaka. Material, vegetation and form have been combined in such a way as to transform all the traditional spaces such as: pond, court yard, steps to the water, into green areas.

The main attraction of the house and the most challenging idea is the swimming pond, placed in the middle of the residence, which acts as a natural exhaust flowing out the hot air. The south and southeast have been designed in such a manner as to bring in the warmth of the sun in winter and the cool breeze in summer.

The small ‘dingi’ boat anchored on the side of the swimming pool, the natural light flowing above the water and the natural plants create a magic world of relaxation and tranquility.

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