The Rise and Fall of Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship

An immense cruise ship is not necessarily a good one too. After a surprise control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vessel Sanitation Program earlier this month, the huge Queen Mary was deemed “filthy”. The reasons? Well, there are quite a few!

First of all, the inspectors found adult cockroaches onboard and discovered that the water on the vessel was “extremely dirty”. As if that was not enough, the storage locker hosted several alive fruit flies, the ice machine had human hair in it, chemicals were stored next to paper cups, napkins and utensils, and finally food residue was found on different surfaces.

As a result, Queen Mary 2 received a score of only 84, which translates to “unsatisfactory”, as only ratings of 86 and higher can be considered satisfactory. That’s quite a contrast with the previous ratings of 98 (last year), and even 100 on other occasions.

The Rise and Fall of Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship (5) 

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