The Refined 2012 BMW S 1000 RR Motorbike

When BMW launched its outstanding S 100 RR motorcycle in 2009, we were all shocked and thrilled at the same time. It was a flawless superbike that boasted high power and technology at a reasonable price. Unsurprisingly, it sold really well.

Upgrading such a successful product is a rather challenging task. BMW however did it without any mistakes. While living some things unchanged, like the wheel and the horsepower (still 193 hp), the German company decided to ad a new driving more (now you have Rain, Race, Sport and Slick) and to improve the ride’s low-speed performance  with a remapped throttle curve.

The suspension system was also modified: the front and rear suspenders and the spring rates. Design changes include a leaner looking tail section, side aperture grilles for the center airbox cover, and new paint schemes. Now you can choose your 2012 S 1000 RR with bold accents of Racing Red or Bluefire. Check it out in the pictures below.

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