The Record-Braking 1-Tone Golden Coin

The Perth Mint of Australia recently made sure that it will hold the new world record for the largest golden coin for a long time. It created the largest, heaviest and most expensive coin ever, made of 99,99% pure gold and weighing one ton. Measuring an impressive 80 cm in diameter and 12 cm in thickness (31.5 in and 4.7 in, respectively), the coin features the queen’s portrait on one side and the silhouette of a kangaroo on the other.

The chief of Perth Mint, Ed Harbuz declared himself very proud of the project and is confident that the new record will remain with the Australian mint for a long time. The previous record was held by the Royal Canadian Mint, which created the Gold Maple coin in 2007. The coin was valued at CA$1,000,000 and weighed “only” 100 kilograms. The much more impressive Kangaroo Coin is worth around $55 million. Imagine paying for your dream house with one coin!

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