The Reasons to Use Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring for Your Home

Being a responsible property owner, it’s your duty to choose top quality flooring for your residence. It does not matter whether you are constructing a new abode or renovating an existing one, it is imperative to devote some time for choosing the appropriate flooring. Amongst the essential factors that one should take into consideration, the room where you are about to set up the flooring, as well as the amount of traffic received by it on a daily basis, deserve special mention. One type of flooring which has gained huge popularity at present happens to be the luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and a lot of houses are using it on a wide scale. In the following paragraphs, we will mention the reasons to use luxury vinyl tile flooring for your home.

1. It is elegant

One huge advantage of using tile luxury vinyl is the fact that it is obtainable in different types of options on the market. Amongst these, the most popular ones happen to be the wood-style tiles which enable the designers to produce something that resembles the real wood flooring so far as aesthetics is concerned. However, these types of floorings are quite affordable when it comes to installation and maintenance unlike the real wood floorings out there. This implies that luxury vinyl flooring is much more accessible for any project with a small budget.

Apart from this, LVT is also obtainable in several other designs such as abstract as well as stone patterns. This helps to make it an extremely versatile hard floor covering which can match with a wide range of design aesthetics.

2. Simple maintenance

One will not find it difficult to clean and also maintain the LVT unlike any other type of hard flooring out there. This helps it to make a well-known flooring option for individuals with restricted maintenance budgets. As compared to the vinyl composite tiles (which happen to be a different type of vinyl flooring option) that need sealing and waxing on a regular basis for safeguarding the tiles from damage as well as dirt, LVT does not entail such types of maintenance. You simply need to sweep and mop it regularly for getting rid of the dirt.

3. It is quite easy to install

Another advantage of using this type of tile flooring is that it is quite simple to install. In case there is adequate time at your disposal it is going to be a fantastic do-it-yourself project given that one does not need to have exceptional carpentry skills for doing this. However, if you are not skilled enough it will be a smart idea to take the help of any professional home improvement store for installing the floor for you. The cost every square foot will be much less as compared to that of hardwood installation or tile flooring installation out there.

4. It can be replaced easily

Apart from the simple installation procedure, you will not find it difficult to replace the luxury vinyl tile flooring. In case the LVT flooring suffers from any kind of damage, you simply need to get rid of the damaged slab while swapping it with a fresh one. For this, you might be required to pull up some adjoining pieces; however, there is no need to tear up the entire floor whatsoever.

5. It is cost effective

Unlike any other flooring material, LVT is quite affordable while offering enhanced value and performance as well. The very fact that it is possible to obtain the appearance and feel of hardwood or stone flooring without shelling out any extra cash is simply incredible. There is also no need to go for any complicated installation procedure unlike the stone or hardwood flooring.

6. It is resistant to moisture

It would be really fantastic if you would not have to be concerned about any accidental spill on the flooring material in your residence, particularly when pets and toddlers are present. However, when it comes to LVT you can rest assured since tile luxury vinyl is moisture resistant providing you with complete peace of mind.

7. It is extremely resilient

Last but not least, one notable advantage provided by LVT is the fact that it is extremely durable thanks to the way in which the material is constructed. There are other types of hard flooring out there like vinyl composite tiles or real wood which can be safeguarded against wear-and-tear by means of extensive maintenance only. Fortunately, LVT features an inbuilt protective layer which provides it with fantastic durability as well as resistance against any kind of damage like accidental scratch or scuff. In fact, if maintained regularly, this type of flooring as compared to its natural counterparts can serve you for a lifetime as well.

How to Clean Tile Floors

It is imperative to take care of the tile floors very gently and one should stick to several authentic cleaning techniques for getting the job done flawlessly thus making the tile appear like new. Never wash the tile floor using any cleaner intended for an enamel surface (it is suggested to use a mild detergent instead) and also select an appropriate floor mop as well.

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