The Priciest Baby Seat In The World Is Also The Safest

Dartz is a Latvian company that’s renowned worldwide for its extremely extravagant and luxurious products, particularly when it comes to military-grade vehicles. However, the firm also specializes in manufacturing luxurious accessories such as this over-the-top child safety seat that actually offers bullet protection. The seat was commissioned by a wealthy Dartz customer and boasts a Kevlar back that’s wrapped in carbon fiber and features natural gold stitching. The upholstery is “Kolonial Touch” gold plated crocodile skin and “Luxpel” nappa natural leather, so as you can probably imagine, this thing looks quite royal.

Apart from offering protection from bullets, the seat also features a massage function, and it is fully compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods. The company has not disclosed who actually ordered this sumptuous child seat or how much he or she paid for it, but we’ll probably find that out soon enough.

The Priciest Baby Seat In The World (3)

The Priciest Baby Seat In The World (1)

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