The Precious VO Falcon Edition Rifle

The Precious VO Falcon Edition Rifle (5)

VO Vapen is a Swedish gun and riffle maker that is famous for creating some of the most expensive hand made riffles in the world. Every time they imagine a new VO riffle model, they only make it available in a very small number, thus adding more exclusivity and value to each of their creations.

This time it’s all about the new VO Falcon Edition: a model that draws its inspiration from the Arabian traditions of falconry. Only five units will ever be made, including the one that you can admire in the pictures. The other four, all bearing unique embellishments and individual marks, will be crafted on request. The company offers almost endless customization options for their clients, adding all kinds of precious adornments on their rifles.

Viggo Olsson, the man who founded VO Vapen in 1977, talks about the VO Falcon Edition, saying that “As far as we know, it is the only rifle in the world with barrels made of Damascus steel”. For those of you who don’t know, the Damascus steel is a strong metal often mentioned in legends that talk about incredibly sharp and resistant swords. The swords were, of course, made of this material.

With each Vo Falcon Edition priced at approximately $820,000, the company can pride itself with the fact that it created the new most expensive rifle in the world.

The Precious VO Falcon Edition Rifle (2) The Precious VO Falcon Edition Rifle (7) The Precious VO Falcon Edition Rifle (11)

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