The Outstanding Detonator Electric Bike

This huge science-fiction electric motorcycle was designed by Daniel Simon, the same man who created the vehicles for Captain America and the Light Cycles for Tron: Legacy. The 11.5-foot bike is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can keep the motor working for 80-100 miles after just one hour of charging. The rider of the Detonator (this is the name Simon chose for the immense bike) will face the challenge of handling a huge front from way back, near the rear end.

The builders of the bike are Parker Brothers Choppers, the same guys who created a real-life Light Cycle. If you’re not afraid of its name and size, and if you have some $100,000 to spare, the street-legal Detonator can be yours. And when your friends will ask you what you’re riding, you can tell them that this is a “street cruiser bike built for humanoid droids”. At least this is how its creator describes it.

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