The New Most Expensive Whiskey in the World: $6.2 Million

Most Expensive Whiskey in the World (3)

Behold the new most expensive bottle of whiskey. Created by the same company who made Ruwa, the first luxury halal drink (priced at $5.5 million), the Isabella’s Islay luxe beverage comes in two versions.

The Isabella Original is the more expensive of the two and it’s adorned with diamonds, rubies and white gold. Priced at £3.8 million ($6.2million), each bottle contains the Very Old Single Malt cask strength Islay whiskey and flaunts some 300 rubies, 8,500 diamonds and approximately two bars of white gold.

The more affordable version is the Isabella Special Edition, priced at £450,000 ($740,000). Covering the bottle is a little Crystal White Gold with diamond lettering. Luxury Beverage Company ensures refills for both versions and each Isabella’s Islay can be customized to the client’s preferences.

The previous most expensive whisky in the world was the 105 years old Aisla T’Orten by Master of Malt. There is only one 700 ml bottle of this beverage and it costs $1.4 million.

Most Expensive Whiskey in the World (1) Most Expensive Whiskey in the World (2) Most Expensive Whiskey in the World (3)

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