The New Fastest Helicopter: Sikorski X2

More than two decades ago, the British built the world’s fastest helicopter, and they called it the Westland Lynx ZB-500. Since then, nothing much has happened in terms of speed and helicopters. Not until now.

Sikorski Aircraft Corporation is a world famous designer and developer of military and commercial helicopters. It is this company that finally came up with a machine faster than the Lynx ZB-500 by Westland Helicopters. The latter boasts a speed of 216.5 knots (249 mph), which is quite impressive, but Sikorski’s X2 will be even better. With 260 knots (299 mph) this will be the new fastest helicopter.

Instead of having a single rotor, like most helicopters do, the X2 flaunts two coaxial rotor systems topsides. The tail rotor is also different from the classic ones, as it is oriented backward, like a vessel propeller. Usually helicopters feature a lateral tail rotor for increased stability.

The X2 can be easily maneuvered at both high and low speeds, and the transition between speeds is simple and smooth. Unfortunately, it will take a few more years before the X2 will hit production, and we expect it to cost several million dollars.

The New Fastest Helicopter Sikorski X2

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