The New Bubbly from Beau Jolie

Something special for this year’s Valentine’s Day: Beau Jolie is a new champagne brand whose world debut took place last year in Las Vegas. Their signature is the copper-encased bottle in which the champagne comes. The metal keeps the beverage cool for a longer period of time and it also embellishes it in a special manner. Now Beau Jolie has got something new to present:  the Rosé version of the bubbly, which is made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir.

Probably the best thing about this new brand is that they put a special emphasis on ecology. The encasings are made of second generation copper scrap, and they even developed a recycling program with special venues for collecting the copper and reprocessing it over and over again. You can find the Beau Jolie Rosé on the U.S. market with a suggested retail price of $125-$135.The New Bubbly from Beau Jolie

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