The New and Improved 2012 Range Rover Sport and LR4

The 2012 Range Rover Sport and LR4 boast some really alluring new features, just like any other new model year Land Rover. First and most important of all, they will receive a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, coupled to a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 engine. Meanwhile, the V8 engines will send their power to six-speed cog swappers.

Even though a diesel Land Rover may not be what people in the U.S. would choose first, the interior upgrades are definitely going to appeal to everybody everywhere. The 7-inch touchscreen with Dual View can display navigational cues for the driver, while also entertaining the passengers with a movie. To make sure that the driver is not distracted by what the other people in the car are watching, the car comes with WhiteFire headphones. That however doesn’t mean that the driver can’t enjoy some nice music too: a 17-speaker Harmon Kardon stereo will make sure everyone in the car has a great time.

If you ask us, the new Range Rover Sport and LR4 sound simply delicious!

The New and Improved 2012 Range Rover Sport and LR4 (7)

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