The Network Detection and Response Solution

Majority of organizations are unable to detect threats that exist in their encrypted traffic, especially at a time when traditional security approaches have shown to be less effective while cyberattacks such as ransomware continue to increase. Old security approaches have become less effective due to technological advancements that increased the dwell time between “stealth” intrusions and attacks by almost 40%, leaving even less time for detection and intrusion prevention to occur. Finding a breach can take up to 287 days, increasing the likelihood of a successful attack.

Analysts face the challenge of evaluating a high volume of alerts without fully knowing which needs the most attention. The network security dark space is where network infrastructure that isn’t the most common kind of configuration data is located, and this is where cyber criminals can avoid defenses and have free reign. Although encryption is used to protect all web traffic, this technology allows attackers to mask their activities. 

These days, 59% of IT professionals are unable to fend against encrypted threats as more malware arrives over encrypted connections. This is where a network detection and response (NDR) platform can improve your security strategy. An NDR platform can better detect dangerous network traffic so they can be properly dealt with by your team. NDR solutions can also perform forensic analysis to determine how threats progressed and help improve the speed of incident responses. 

Organizations have to upgrade their cybersecurity defenses as cyberattacks continue to evolve, which means NDR could be essential to improving your security strategy.

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action