The Netherlands, the right location for your new enterprise.

Are you looking for a spot to set up your new venture? Key conditions for a successful company are: a site where many consumers are close by, staff that speaks multiple languages, low company income tax rates, excellent logistics and connections.

Also do not overlook your private circumstances. A pleasurable work and living environment, high quality of life, adequate healthcare system and good quality public schools for your children will also be key motivations. The Netherlands, located in North western Europe and a EU member state, scores very high on all of these points. Maybe you never considered this country as a candidate. Nevertheless, it is a perfect stepping stone into the EU. You should attempt to visit the country to experience its atmosphere or ask fellow relations for any experiences.  

Company formation and registration in the Netherlands is an easy and swift process. As it is with many things, a lot of time and efforts can be saved by doing things well as from the start. In particular if you do not have any Dutch experience, it is wise to be well informed on the practises and requirements in the Netherlands even before the company is being incorporated. A good start to get informed is to visit the website of the Dutch government with an online guide for new business owners, covering a wide era of relevant topics from selecting a legal form to obtaining residency permits.

Benefit from a Dutch company formation specialist

The most favourable way to open a Dutch company is to make use of a Netherlands company formation agency. Their agents are specialised in helping international active entrepreneurs incorporate, register and operate Dutch companies and can provide specialistic advice on the best options for your business. Step-by-step the company formation agency provides assistance with matters such as capital, object of the company, board composition, filing requirements and registration address in the Netherlands.

For starting businesses is also wise to have an advisor prepare an initial tax advice on (1) the structure in case of a shareholder from outside the Netherlands (2) the tax substance in case of a director residing outside the Netherlands. With all these matters a company formation agent can support or bring you into contact with the right international tax advisors.

Can any person start an enterprise in the Netherlands?

There are no large obstacles for establishing a business in the Netherlands. If you want to move over to work and live in the Netherlands permanently, work and residence permits shall be needed. For persons of the EU member states an exemption exists. For persons from outside the European Union, a valid work and residence permit shall have been granted before moving over to the Netherlands. An exception from this rule exist for American and Japanese nationals. With the United States of America, the Netherlands has a friendship treaty, called DAFT, in place for already many years. For Japan, a comparable treaty is in place.

For entrepreneurs from outside the European Union there are two options that are commonly used: move over as an innovative entrepreneur or follow the standard application procedure. The application process for innovative entrepreneurs costs less work. Though to be successful it will require an innovative good or service. With the right local advisor any entrepreneur with a sound plan to start a business will be able to obtain a work and residence permit for the Netherlands.    

Conclusion: the Netherlands is a sound option to start a successful business

The Netherlands has a lot to offer to a broad scale of industries. The Dutch economy is strongly diversified and robust. Your stay in the Netherlands will be a first-class adventure. A large part of the entrepreneurs decides to stay longer than first planned.

There are no huge obstacles for starting an enterprise in the Netherlands. A company formation agency will be able to guide you through the incorporation and registration process and to point out the pitfalls. For business owners from the EU, the US and Japan, work and residence permits should not be an issue. Business owners from any other countries shall be able to obtain a license too by using a local immigration law firm. When you are educated, bring relevant experience, have a proper business plan and be willing to invest in your new business in the Netherlands, obtaining a visa will be achievable.   

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