The Most Intelligent Dishwasher from Miele

Famous for creating some of the best home appliances in the world, Miele has recently launched a new state-of-the-art creation, the Futura dishwasher. The German company is so pleased with their project that they dared call it “The World’s Most Intelligent Dishwasher”. Miele even promised a complete refund if customers are not satisfied with the quiet and superior cleaning that Futura offers. The company is sure that the dishwasher will revolutionize its segment in the industry.

Both in terms of design and engineering, the Futura dishwasher is superior to all other similar products on the market, which probably explains the steep price: $1,249 to $2,489. Prices vary depending on size and model. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that it can accommodate any type of kitchen tools, even the most oddly-shaped ones. You can even wash Riedel crystal with it, and each utensil in the cutlery tray is set separately for a scrupulous hygiene.

The Most Intelligent Dishwasher from Miele


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