The Most Expensive Kebab in the World

If you have ever wondered how gold tastes like, now you can find out  for £750 ($1,225). Andy Bates, a British Chef, has created the King of Kebabs, the most expensive kebab, to celebrate the launch of The Great Food Truck Race TV show which will praise street food.

Among its exclusive ingredients, such as champagne-infused mint and cucumber yoghurt, Andy also used a gold leaf to create this luxurious and delicious kebab. Although it took a considerable amount of time to find the best ingredients to make this unique kebab, Andy says that he ‘loved every minute’.

If there are any doubts concerning the price, here is the list with the ingredients and how much each of them costs: Shoulder of milk-fed lamb (£84), Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes (£20), Micro Cress and Bibb Salad (£11,95), Chili Peppers (£35), Barrel Aged Feta Cheese (£54,20), Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (£26,95), Purple violet potatoes (£15), Edible gold leaf and platinum (£130), Saffron (£138), Krug Champagne (£195), and other ingredients (garlic, lemon, salsa, mint, cucumber, yoghurt) (£40) which totals up to £750,10.

The Most Expensive Kebab in the World (1) 

The Most Expensive Kebab in the World (2) 

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