The Most Expensive Hardbound Book Costs $10,000

It seems that being beautiful will never go out of style, and even though our predecessors had to rely on their genetic code for their pleasant looks, the wonders of modern medicine allow us to cheat and enhance ourselves as we see fit as long as we have the money to pay for the procedures. Whether we want to lose fat fast, make our lips fuller or make other parts of our bodies bigger, cosmetic surgery can help us feel better about ourselves. However, since the practice has gained so much popularity in recent years, it looks like not all plastic surgeons are enjoying the same success.

This book written by Phillip Guye and Joseph Preston aims to assist aspiring professionals in their quest to become more popular and more successful. Titled “Cosmetic Surgeon Marketing Motto: The Secret Recipe to Grow Referrals”, the book costs $9,999.99, which means that it is the world’s most expensive hardback book. Throughout its 252 pages, interested readers will find a special Patient Getting System that tells them how to increase their patient’s referrals, number of consultations and favorable testimonials. Purchasing the book also comes with a $10,000 Consultation Certificate that allows the buyer to “pick the brains” of the co-authors via telephone during 8 one-on-one sessions of 1 hour each.

The piece can be purchased via reputable booksellers such as Books A Million, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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