The Mesmerizing Harry Winston Opus Eleven Timepiece

At Baselworld you now have the opportunity to admire another outstanding timepiece, the Harry Winston Opus Eleven, created by Denis Giguet. There is nothing conventional about this watch with its mind-blowing hour display and interesting case. The main circle of the case shows the hours through an intricate mechanism that amazes every time its moves. Another smaller display shows the minutes on two rotating discks. The third circle displays a titanium balance-wheel, beating regularly.

Once every 60 minutes a mechanical chaos seems to unleash on the main display, where 24 placards rotate and revolve in a mesmerizing system disintegrating and reintegrating to show each passing hour. Make sure you don’t miss the videos below.

The Opus Eleven will only be available in a limited edition of 111 pieces. The first 100 will be made of white gold and will sell for $230,000, while the remaining 11 will feature white gold and diamonds and will wear a price tag of $289,000. They will be available by the end of the year.

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