The Lovely Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects

The Zephyros Villa in Pomos, Cyprus was a sufficient enough reason for its owners to leave London and relocate in Cyprus. At first they only wanted a nice holiday residence and contacted Koutsoftides Architects for the project. After seeing just how wonderful the home was, they decided to leave Britain and start enjoying the welcoming climate of Pomos every day.

The house is actually a reinterpretation of a camping tent, as it offers permanent access to the beautiful nature around it. The main floor is divided in two and it boasts a large patio and swimming pool, thus bringing the outside in the comfort of the home. The sliding roof above has a pivotal role in this. Orange, lemon and pine trees surround the house together with several different aromatic plants. This creates a serene ambiance for the dwellers of the Zephyros Villa.

As the designers themselves put it, “Living in this house is being exposed to the elements, whilst being protected”.

The Lovely Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects (13)


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