The LightMode Helmet Kit Is Both Practical And Beautiful

LightMode Helmet Kit 1

Those of you who saw TRON will immediately associate the pictured helmet with that particular motion picture, as it simply looks too similar to what was featured in the film. The initial LightMode project was a part of a Kickstarter effort, and it became fully funded in less than 12 hours after it went live.

LightMode Helmet Kit 1 LightMode Helmet Kit 2

Now, the brand new LightMode S-Series K is smaller and much more aerodynamic when compared to its original counterpart, and to make things even better, each set of lights is completely water-resistant and complemented by a detachable controller. Furthermore, the lights can be recharged via USB, and they are powered by built-in Lithium-ion batteries. The package includes helmet glue, an instructional video and mounting stickers that can be used for testing. Various color combinations are available, and each S-Series will eventually become available for just $150.

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