The Innovative Safe House by KWK Promes

The Innovative Safe House by KWK Promes (11)

This is definitely not something you see everyday: a concrete monolith house that can completely close itself to the world around it. Created by architectural company KWK Promes, this is the Safe House. When closed, the house provides a sense of maximum security to its dwellers: no windows means no security breach.

This however doesn’t mean that the Safe House is not a pleasant home to live in. When all the windows and doors are revealed, this suddenly becomes a wonderful, open and very welcoming residence. The extensive use of glass (floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors) and its lovely porch ensure a seamless transition to the beautiful, green garden.

When the lateral concrete walls slide open, they meet the exterior fence, creating a small courtyard at the entrance. After guests enter the property, they need to wait a few moments in this safety area before being allowed inside the house. This way the Children can play in the garden with no risk of getting in the street, while adults can have a relaxed time on their property, knowing that the house is completely secure.

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