The Impressive 4×30 House in Sao Paulo

The Impressive 4x30 House in Sao Paulo (1)

Set in a row of narrow geminate homes, the 4×30 house project in Sao Paulo, Brazil was a real challenge for its makers at CR2 Aequitetos and FGMF Architects. The lot was only 13 foot wide, meaning that the architects responsible with this project had to be very skilled and imaginative in order to come up with a solution for the three-story contemporary home.

Inspired by the small Dutch and Japanese homes, the two architecture studios eventually found a way to make the 4×30 house both beautiful and functional. The ground floor holds the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. To accentuate the difference between these programs, the architects created level differences, like the lowered kitchen. Even though it remains a part of the same space, the kitchen is clearly a separate area.

The first floor holds two suites, that can be accessed via “the expanded mesh footbridge that stops to create generous headroom over the entrance passage”. The top floor represents a lovely recreational space, framed by a strip of green roof.

Made with recyclable materials, the house is very environmentally friendly. It was built with great attention to details and its every nook was designed with a purpose. The extensive use of white for instance is more than a simple color choice. White reflects light and creates the impression of a larger, more spacious home. See the result in the following photos.