The Haunted Britania Manor II for Sale

If you love ghost stories and mystery novels, you should know that that Richard Garriott’s haunted house/museum is up for sale for $4.1 million. But what are these numbers compared to unsolved crimes and unknown voices in the night?

Britania Manor II is situated in Austin, Texas, on a 3, 99 ac hilltop. The main attraction of the house is the 360 degree telescope from the observatory built on the top of the house, at 4790 sq ft height. The mansion is a mixture of cultures, having a brick from the Great Wall of China and even a Russian spacesuit.

Designed by Alan Barley and built in 1987, the house features a medieval style, with crossbows and swords on the walls. It even has a working cannon! But don’t let yourself fooled by its appearance. The house is as modern as possible, with central air, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, solar-based energy system, built-in oven and energy-efficient double-pane windows. The mansion features three bedrooms and two full and three half baths.

But what would a haunted house be without a secret grotto, secret passages, a waterfall and awesome events on Halloween? Yes, it has all these, plus a pool, lighted track and a garage for five cars. This house is only for people with a strong heart and sense of humor.

The Haunted Britania Manor II for Sale (6)The Haunted Britania Manor II for Sale (12)

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