The Gorgeous Gymnasium Apartment by Charles Gwathmey

The former gymnasium of the 1905 Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building in Soho, New York City has been successfully transformed into a jaw-dropping residence by famous architect Charles Gwathmey. After four years of hard work, this is what the final result looks like. It is absolutely dazzling with its large, open spaces and perfect integration of original elements into the new interior design.

With 6,600 square feet of living space, the apartment features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. On the first floor there is the dining/living/entertainment/gallery area, boasting tasteful modern furnishings. The master bedroom suite is also situated on this level. Other rooms include the modern kitchen, the study/library/balcony accessible via an exposed stair, the attic guest bedrooms, the master baths and the dressing rooms.

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