The Genie Smartlock Is Quiet And Reliable

Since the world is full of smart gadgets nowadays, including smartphones, smartwatches and smart cars, it’s only natural that smart locks would become a reality, right? The Genie is an incredible, modern product that has the potential to change the way we lock and unlock our doors forever. Using Bluetooth connectivity, Genie allows its user to lock and unlock a door via Wi-Fi, but it can also be unlocked using a regular key, just in case you were wondering what would happen if the power went off.

Did you ever find yourself in front of a locked door without a key? With Genie, you can send access codes to family members and friends in order to ensure that they would always have access to your own home even without a key. When you walk up to the door, the gadget displays a variety of useful information such as the time, ambient temperature and your own name as a personalized touch.

The lock connects directly to a handle instead of a bolt lock, and it can be pre-ordered for about $249. A Worthwile investment, don’t you think?







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