The First Smartphone from Vertu – Beautiful!

Vertu, the leader on the luxury mobile phones market has presented this week their first smartphone: Constellation Quest. With its Symbian operating system, 40 GM of memory, full VGA display with 16 million colors, and 11 antennas to ensure global connectivity, Constellation Quest is really something else. But that’s not all. High fidelity acoustics, Bluetooth, and GPS are a few of the other features this phone boasts.

The First Smartphone from Vertu – Beautiful!

Vertu president Perry Oosting is proud to assert that the new smartphone combines luxury services with state of the art technologies and business instruments. Constellation Quest introduces, a new web application that offers the user an e-mail address integrated in a series of life style and business services. The Vertu Concierge key is also there to assist the user with any problem 24/7, in nine international languages. All the data is stored on the company’s servers and you can retrieve them easily in case you loose the phone.

Now let us present to you the best part, which makes this Vertu model even more irresistible. The hundreds of pieces which make up the phone are made of stainless steel, 18 carat gold, leather and sapphires for the keyboard. Price varies from €5,500 to €19,500 for the yellow gold, black leather and sapphires variant.

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