The Extremely Exclusive “A Room for London” Hotel

A Room for London” is a new and very special way in which tourists in London can get away from the busy life of the city and spend a quiet night in a “poetic and life-enhancing” ambiance. It is one-bedroom unit designed by David Kohn Architects to resemble a boat. The installation is perched on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, above the shimmering waters of the Thames.

This very special hotel is also the most exclusive one in the entire world, because it will only be available for booking during 2012, and it can only hold up to two people for one night. This means that only less than 800 people will have the opportunity to spend a memorable night in the unit. The project is the result of a new collaboration between Artangel and Living Architecture.

Artangel commissions unconventional works of art, giving artists the opportunity to express themselves without restraints. Living Architecture promotes world-class modern architecture, with the intention of giving people the opportunity to enjoy exceptional architecture in unexpected settings. Together, the two companies have created one truly amazing dwelling that will only receive guests for one year.

The Extremely Exclusive “A Room for London” Hotel (2)


The Extremely Exclusive “A Room for London” Hotel (1)

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