The Exquisite Roaring Pavilion Villa & Spa in Jamaica Gets a Makeover

Jamaica is a country that demands to be visited in style and no villa or hotel steps up to that challenge quite like the exclusive Roaring Pavilion Villa and Spa, with a newly expanded 8,000 foot resort and anti-aging spa that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Roaring Pavilion perches directly on the beach in front of St. Ann’s Bay on the Caribbean Sea. It’s the only villa in the area that gives its guests a fully stocked spa and wellness clinic. Visitors come for the class and sophistication of one of the world’s top villa rentals and stay for the soothing anti-aging treatments and relaxing atmosphere. One of the main focuses of the Roaring Pavilion is of course on anti-aging and wellness, providing a wealth of treatments and activities for health-conscious guests from all over the world. Some of the treatments found in the Pavilion involve revolutionary techniques in the art of healing, and include herbal skin cleansers, a patented oxygenation system for longevity, and an electromagnetic healing system that takes years off your skin.

A lot of the recent makeover was centered on their spa facilities, and the original one of a kind spa is now even grander than ever. Come take advantage of all the incredible changes that have been done on-site and experience the true meaning of relaxation.

Roaring Pavilion also boasts one of the world’s top chefs, Chef Johanna, who artfully crafts delicious meals on a daily basis. The menu usually consists of an eclectic blend of Caribbean and European cuisine that will delight your taste buds and leave you longing for more. Enjoy your meal with an aged wine and then spend the evening sipping drinks with your friends while looking out on the famous James Bond Beach, so named because the beach scenes in Dr. No were filmed in this very spot.

There’s a reason Roaring Pavilion attracts more celebrities than any of the other villas in Jamaica, but don’t let that stop you from looking at some of the other tasteful luxury villa rentals available on the island. There’s something to fit everybody’s taste and price range. Jamaica is a gorgeous Caribbean paradise that you have to see to believe. It’s filled with local flavor, fantastic restaurants, a swinging nightlife, and luxury accommodations that anybody can appreciate.