The Electric Vespa Is Out Of This World

Conventional scooters are not necessarily powerhouses to begin with, so it makes sense for manufacturers to start looking at electric scooter designs, especially since there’s a growing market for them. With Piaggio being one of the world’s top scooter makers, its experts decided to create the superb Vespa Elettrica, which is an all-electric version of the classic Vespa.

The Electric Vespa Is Out Of This World 1

Even though its powertrain went through a dramatic change, the scooter’s elegant design remained unchanged for the most part. Moreover, the two-wheeler will boast “innovative connectivity solutions,” and it will flaunt a brushed metal body with electric blue and silver touches. Not much is known about the Elettrica’s performance at the time of writing, but we do know that it is likely to be priced somewhere around $10,000.

The Electric Vespa Is Out Of This World 2

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